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How I Will Be Voting in This Year’s Election

Now, I know that I am just one person and that you may (and of course you have the absolute freedom to) totally ignore what I am writing today. But, I hope you will at least consider my thoughts and my decision as you consider your vote. With all of the debate about who to vote for, and with less than 100 days left before the elections, I thought it would be a good time to share how I am voting. 

We all know that most believers in the last election cycle were voting against someone more than they voted for someone. Or to say this another way, many people said they were ‘voting for the lesser of two evils.” I believe many of us were unknowingly voting un-biblically. Because we have been voting for imperfect people instead of voting for G-D’s perfect Word, I also believe that the enemy of our souls has been victorious in keeping believers divided and weak by keeping us arguing about which imperfect candidate is less imperfect. This division has weakened our testimony as the people of G-D and allowed those who would mock G-D and His people to obtain victories. 

What is the Biblical way to vote?

Before we answer that question, let’s look at the Bible. In Genesis, we find the very first governing official, Adam. Adam was elected by G-D to govern the garden of Eden. 

In Genesis 2:15 we read: "Then Adonai Elohim took the man and gave him rest in the Garden of Eden in order to cultivate and watch over it.” The phrase translated watch over it, literally means to guard or protect it. For the record, Adam was the last sinless man to be elected to office, and he was elected by

G-D Himself. You would think the result of this election would be ideal. Yet, we all know the story ended in failure. When Adam was placed into his position to govern the garden, he had zero constituents. He was all alone. Then G-D formed Eve from Adam’s side and now Adam was the governor of one person. Adam had one job to do, the most important job of any government, and that was to guard Eve. However, Adam failed to govern correctly by guarding and protecting his only constituent. Instead, he actually chose to join her in bringing sin and death into the world. Think about this: G-D is absolutely perfect and He elected Adam to govern the Garden of Eden and yet Adam still failed in governing righteously. So, if even the sinless man G-D voted for can fall into sin, maybe we shouldn’t be voting for a man/woman.

So, you may be asking: “If we shouldn’t be voting for a man or woman, what should we vote for?” I am glad you asked. I have decided that I will be voting for issues and not for people. I will be voting for Biblical issues. I will vote for issues that cultivate life and guard and protect life.

  • I vote pro-Life.  

  • I vote pro-Family.

  • I vote pro-Israel.

  • I vote pro-Law and Order.

I hope you will join me and the many others who have decided to stop voting for people and start voting for Biblically proclaimed issues. 

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