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The Problem with the Asbury Revival

By now, through either social media or regular media, most people have heard of what is taking place at Asbury University, which is being called “The Asbury Revival.” Anyone who has not will probably not be reading this blog and are not the audience that I am addressing.

On February 8th, a group of students at Asbury gathered for their regular chapel service and it became irregular. What was supposed to be a normal time of worship and word became something abnormal and unusual.

Thanks to social media, we learned that the students attending chapel that day began to pray with earnestness and worship with fervency. This prayer resulted in students entering into deep and honest repentance, which resulted in even deeper worship and more repentance.

What was scheduled to be a short chapel service turned into an around the clock worship experience, which has lasted nearly two weeks as I write this blog.

Almost from the moment the first post appeared on social media, discussions began concerning what was happening. An invisible line was drawn in the sand delineating a clear divider between those who believed this was a real move of G-D’s Spirit and those who believed that what was taking place was merely another example of emotionalism running amuck.

This division was not the problem, and honestly should not be a surprise to any one, after all, this same argument has taken place during every proclaimed move of G-D since the days of Peter and Paul.

People are judging what is happening at Asbury through the lens of a checklist they have formulated through their own opinions based upon a checklist of requirements, such as: the right leaders, the right denomination, the right format, the right numbers, the right (fill in the blank).

Based upon their individual checklists and comparisons to all previous moves of G-D, people are either deciding to travel to Asbury with hopes to experience themselves what the Asbury students have been experiencing, or deciding to stay far away from Asbury because what is happening doesn’t check enough boxes on their lists.

There has been no shortage of people sharing their thoughts and opinions on what is happening at Asbury. So many, in fact, that I hesitated to share my views altogether. However, the problem with the Asbury Revival is so significant that I felt strongly compelled to share the problem in hopes that some would read this blog and realign themselves with G-D’s Word.

The problem with the Asbury Revival has nothing to do with Asbury at all; it has to do with the fact that much of the Body of Messiah has forgotten how G-D defines revival. Revival is when someone dead or dying is resuscitated and restored to life. Revival doesn’t require a large group, a special service, a certain song or sermon. Revival only requires the Breath of G-D, the Spirit of G-D to bring renewed life.

The problem with the Asbury Revival is that many are so busy debating if it is a revival that they have forgotten to join the angels in rejoicing every time a sinner comes to repentance. After all, that, my friends, is the one and only true definition of revival.

(Image given by Laura Hamby)

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I would like to just add...after the cute check list comment...(LOL)...if I had lived in the area, I would maybe had gone to feel for myself...not in a judgmental way but to just be with the brethren. BUT being I do not live anywhere near there...(Florida) and I did not in my devotional time feel any urgency to go....I felt GOD had not called me to be there. It was for those that were CALLED! They know who they are. A new super happening life change or Renewed happening life change or for some...been living the life..hoping for the "Salvation life change" and they received it. I'm happy for anyone to receive salvation! Whether I see it or just …


Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson
Feb 28, 2023

Rabbi Eric, I so appreciate your writing on the Asbury Revival. I turn 78 in a few days and my life from a very young child has been full of experiences with the Ruach in many, many different ways. Many will receive, be born again by the Holy Spitit and continue in Him, Yeshua all the days of their life, others will fall away, which is so sad. Our place is to stay in prayer for all of those whom the Holy Spirit has ministered too, that they will find a group of God's people who can rightly deciple them in God's Word. I experienced the Jesus Revival of the late 60's- early 70's. Our place us to pray…


True repentance ad humility before God is what precipitates revival - something the church has forgotten.


Daniel Garton
Daniel Garton
Feb 21, 2023

I like this article, and I'm sure what is happening in Asbury is great. But I'm still waiting for a revival of support and welcome of Jewish people in churches and turning away from replacement theology in a much stronger and more outspoken way.


From what I've seen and read, this is not an "emotional" outbreak but I am not there!

I will say that it is refreshing to see people getting involved in something that isn't "hateful", "judgemental" "wildly emotional" , "sensationalism".

This appears to be the quiet, calm moving of the spirit, and I would say that the confirmation of that is the naysayers and deniers that are voicing unneeded opinions, since true believers know, if this is not a movement of the holy spirit it will come to naught.

If this is truly God's spirit, buckle up it will get bumpy.

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