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The book of Galatians reviewed in context of the Letter, the Bible, the peoples, and their cultures.
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"Pasta is Italian, bagels are Jewish, and chicken chow mein is Chinese right? Wrong; the bagel’s roots are not Jewish, but rather Italian. While pasta’s history begins in China, and the Chinese food staple, chow mein is actually an American dish. What does this lost history of these different popular foods have to do with Jesus and Christianity? Order your copy to find out!!"

"“Though it’s good to learn from our mistakes, it’s even better to learn from somebody else’s - especially if that other person is successful, despite their mistakes. Tokajer brings to the table years of experience pioneering and guiding congregations and satellite congregations.  

"The patterns in the Scriptures are both frequent and fascinating for those who look closely enough to find them. Tokajer uses a personal life story to draw us into the life-long exercise for the answer to life's perpetual question... 'why?'"

Rabbi Mark Greenberg,

TLV Bible Society

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